About Micro ATM

Became an ATM & allows anybody to withdraw money by swiping a debit card

When we run out of cash and need to make a payment, we frequently can’t find an ATM nearby. Finkeda provides a cash withdrawal option through its retail locations to address this issue. Whether it’s making payment for products or services you’ve purchased or withdrawing cash from a retail establishment, Finkeda mPOS/MICRO ATM Device makes it all possible with remarkable ease. By swiping any bank’s Debit/ATM card, you may withdraw up to Rs.10, 000 from this gadget.

What transactions can be done by mATM

  • Cash Withdrawal (cash out from bank account)
  • Balance Check/Enquiry
  • Mini Statement

Micro ATM for Everyone!

  • Available at retail stores across the country

  • No long distance traveling to find an ATM

  • Safe and secure transactions ensured

  • Instant cash withdrawal at your disposal

  • Supports local stores to grow and expand

  • No longer wait in ATM/Bank lines

  • Find out your account balance instantly

Micro ATM for Retailers!

  • Portable and convenient
  • Easy to use with no complicated set-up
  • Attract more customers to your store
  • Efficient management of cash-flow
  • Earn commissions on each transaction
  • Acts as a POS machine to accept card payments
  • Instant settlement for all transactions

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